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Our rental equipment is among the latest high-tech material, and we provide you with a human resources team so that your production will become an excellent job.

Lighting, shooting in hd, material for film and t.V., personal vehicles…everything you need, you will find it in the categories in which we have organized our equipment. Here you have our list! You just have to choose what you want!

If you need something and do not find it, contact us, because we will surely find a way to provide it to you.

If you prefer, you can also download our p.D.F. Catalog with a complete and detailed list of our products

Hiring Conditions

  • Clients are responsible for checking the equipment before leaving dp communication.

    If the client does not check the equipment, then he/she will be responsible for any damage that the equipment might have when the equipment is returned in our store. Consequently, the client will pay for any damage that the equipment might have (this damage may have been caused by careless use of the equipment or by other reasons not related to the lessee).

    Fungible material will be paid for in case of damage as well.

  • The client will be responsible for the expense on any of these cases: loss, theft or armed robbery, and will be asked for it in dp communication.
  • The client will both pick up the hired items and will return them in our dp communication store.
  • Equipment transportation to a specific destination is provided. The cost of this service will be €0.60 per KM from the dp communication store.
  • Hiring time of the equipment will begin from the moment in which the client picks up the equipment in our store. At the end of the hiring time, the client must return all the hired items to our DP COMMUNICATIONS store. If the client does not return the equipment on due date, then we will account for the delay and the client will be charged accordingly. (The days after the due date will be accounted for and, therefore, the client will pay for each extra day that he/she has kept the equipment).
  • The equipment will NEVER be taken out of Spain, unless it is previously authorized by dp communication. This authoritation must be in a written form.
  • Prices do not include neither VAT nor transportation
  • The client must pay into our bank account in 30 days after getting the bill.

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